jupiter • 2016

jupiter was a friend of mine 
taught me how to rock and how to rhyme, but 
did i know that 
in the end that 
jupiter would one day be the end of me.

he jumped into that rocket ship 
from the ground it did lift 
he said, this is lit! 

and what did he see 
just what did he say?
jupiter said, blow them away
forever, mm hmm
it's time to go far away to jupiter.

he became the god of war 
everybody get down on the floor 
you know what this gun is for 

and what did they do 
just what did they be?
jupiter said, rock with me
forever, mm hmm 
it's time to go far away...

he built a wall around the stars
gave the moon a million scars
tore the galaxy asunder
nor weighed the gravity of wonder
even as he dismayed
the world he had made.

his eyes had seen the darkness
overcome the vistas of his mind
what did he see
what did he say?
he said, the sun rises over my destiny today.

song by warren hall
all rights reserved (c) 2000-2023