🌧 rule my world

rollin down the boulevard
and all the potholes make it hard
what u see is what u get
but u and me is like a bet
ain’t no 1 stoppin us girl
cuz u kno that u rule my world

so u want 2 b famous
that’s what they say
that’s not the way 2 live today
if u want 2 b famous
all you’ve got 2 do
is do the things that u like 2 do

everything goin around in this world
you kno it doesn’t really matter
the boys the girls
all the men women children
just see that fame’s not the place 2 b
u got 2 b on your own
b your own person
and famous in your own.

everybody’s runnin round
with their heads in the ground
and the money sound in their ears
they don’t kno what 2 do over the years
it just comes 2 nothin u
play the lottery hopin 2 win
cuz money brings fame
if u kno how 2 spend

everybody see me
i’m walkin down the street
i’m famous but
i’ll never meet u all
cuz i’m the boss
when i run my rhyme
you’re punchin in
to make overtime
i’m clockin dollars
you’re standin in line so
check your privilege
i’m woke never broke
smell the smoke
when I’m crossing the bridge
that you’ve been torchin
in your search
for fame and fortune
but u know

everybody is somebody
til they got no more body

in the end they won’t remember u were famous
they won’t remember what your name is
in the end we all are blameless
so don’t b the 1 who plays that game

ain’t no 1 stopping us girl
cuz u kno that u rule my world