Creating a community plaza in Hayward

This capacity diagram shows the size of Heritage Plaza. It is equal to the size of San Francisco’s Union Square. Heritage Plaza’s two main plaza areas – one in the center oval, and one along the C Street hardscape – have a total capacity for up to 4,000 event attendees.


To get a sense of the scale, check out the the little red rectangles inside the center oval. Those represent 20′ long food trucks. The little red squares at the top of the oval represent 10′ by 10′ farmer’s market tents.

Heritage Plaza dates back to Hayward’s founding days in the mid-1800’s. The site was part of the homestead of Hayward’s first landowner and rancher, Don Guillermo Castro. When Castro subdivided and sold his land holdings in 1864, he dedicated one full city block to the people of Hayward for use as a public plaza in perpetuity.

Today, this plaza is filled with century-old heritage trees, and will be restored to its historic roots as an open space and community gathering place. After the new 21st Century Library is built and the deteriorating old main library is torn down, Heritage Plaza will be fully restored to its former glory as Hayward’s premier central plaza for community festivals, farmer’s markets, music and cultural performances, civic observances and other community events for generations to come.

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