Busy week

What a week! Kicked it off on Monday at the Rotary club with the keynote talk from my former boss and mentor Fran David. Then was up bright and early at 5 AM the next morning canvassing the streets of Hayward in the countywide census of homeless people. Then helped deliver a major presentation to the City Council about affordable housing that same night. The meeting lasted until almost midnight! But it was successful. rotary-weekPlenty of meetings, all good, including one with my library frontline staff to discuss a cool new service we’re rolling out next month. Sat in on several community focus groups about a new multi service center being planned in South Hayward. And to top it off, tomorrow all day will be interviewing applicants for city grant funding, followed by the Chamber of Commerce gala tomorrow night. Still found some time to cook up a delicious pot roast (if I do say so myself), run John to the dentist, and show Myles how to properly level up on the PS4. Missed a few other things this week, but all in all it was packed six ways to Sunday.

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